Saturday, March 2, 2002

Never Alone

Birds, birds, birds everywhere! All around my bus, in the fields, in the sky, all around are black birds. I see them every day. I have wondered how many there are of them. I know there must be thousands. They are feeding on last year's grass seeds I guess.

Yesterday as I came to this certain place on the bus route, they were there again. When they hear the sound of the bus they take to the sky. Yesterday was a little different. Right in the middle of the road there was one little black bird. I approached Him with the bus and he never moved. I passed on one side of him and looked back in the mirror. He was still sitting right where he was. I began to wonder if he might be sick, or if maybe he was hurt? Well, there is no way I can ever know, but I do know he had been left alone with his problem.

There was no way I could take time to see about him, I had a bus to run. The other birds didn't seem to take note of him. I guess they were to busy with their own problems.

I began to relate his plight to life. Have you ever felt alone? Others seem to be doing great, and things are going good for them, but here you are in the midst of others and you feel alone and hurt and there seems to be no one that cares. Or it seems there isn't.

Did you know that sometimes God lets us be alone ? He lets us go through things that are not fun! He lets us see what it would be like without Him! Alone with our problems! Sometimes we try talking to others but they can't understand what we are going through. Then we come to the conclusion that we are left alone for a while.

But we are never alone! God is always there! The clouds will pass away and the sun will shine again. Early this week I took a bus to Fort Smith. Just before I got to where I was going a black cloud came up and I could hardly see to drive. The next day the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. What different a day makes.

God and time has a way of healing all things. Well, like the bird on the road, through it all, we are never alone.

C. Albert Tindley wrote:
"If the world from you withhold of its silver and its gold,
And you have to get along with meager fare,
Just remember in His word, how He feeds the little bird;
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.
If you trust and never doubt, He will surely bring you out."

I continued down the road and made a turn around, as I came back down the same road, I began looking for the little black bird, but he was gone. I don't know If he was only resting and then flew off or what, but I didn't see any signs of him again. (Maybe the Lord took him! Well, He could have you know!)

"Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them." Matthew 6:26

Do you feel hurt and alone ? Just remember God does care, and He will come to your aid!

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