Sunday, October 1, 2000

Creator of Light

It was just before day break when I left the house with the school bus. My attention was caught by a big full moon that was in the western sky. I got to thinking about how my Father made that moon by just saying the words. Well, I was watching the moon set as daylight was approaching and thinking about what a great God we have that can say the words, "Let there be" and "It was so" and be able to see this great sight.

By now I am down the road a few miles and the moon was fast getting dimmer when all of a sudden, as if the Lord was trying to say to me, "You think this is great... look at this!" There in the east God showed me His might sun. I mean a big ball of fire. Wow! The sky was red. The sun had come up over the hills. What a sight!

In the glowing ball of the giant sun alone there is room for over one and a quarter million such earths as we live on. The sun is some 93 million miles from earth.

I am reminded of a song that a friend of the past wrote:

Have you ever watched the sunrise at daybreak?
Or watched the moon sail across the starlit dome?
Have you noticed white clouds against a blue sky?
Or seen the forest ablaze with color when autumn comes?

Then you know that Christ is not a disappointment,
but making worlds was only part of His great plan.
To save us from our sin and shame is the reason Jesus came.
And there's no disappointment in Him.

I'm glad I serve such a great God!

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