Wednesday, May 1, 2002

The White Rock

This afternoon Shadow and I took a walk down the road to the creek. I wanted to see how the creek had changed since the seven inch rain we had about a week ago. Well, there is a good load of grave way up in the pasture that could be used for something I am sure. The water had raisen to the fence line about 50 or 60 feet from the creek bed. Lots of debris has gathered on the fence. As I was walking I noticed lots of small rocks of all kinds that would be pretty in a fish tank. There were all colors that you might see in a fish tank, there on the bank of the creek.

Shadow and I were having fun. He was wading in the creek and I was looking at the pretty rocks. I got to thinking about how the rocks got there. Then it came to me. They were brought there by a storm. Among the pebbles was a small white one that I brought home. It has dirt on it, but I can tell that when I get through with it, it will be white. I will then put it with my car collection.

How did the little white stone get where it was? Where did it come from? How hard was the trip, from where it came from, to where I found it? As it was being moved by the swift stream of water, how many times did it hit some other stone? Well, I will never know, but it must have been a hard trip.

In the book of Revelation, it talks about overcoming in life and the rewards that are to come. Look at chapter 2. John is writing about the church in Pergamos. Here is the precious promise that God gave. "To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat." But next He says. " And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written, which no knows except him who receives it."

Adam Clarke says about this stone, "It is supposed that by the white stone is meant "Pardon" or "Acquittance", and the evidence of it; and that there is an allusion here to the custom observed by judges in ancient times, who were accustomed to give their suffrages by white and black pebbles; those who gave the former were for absolving the culprit, those who gave the latter were for his condemnation."

Another way he looked at it was, "Others suppose there is an allusion here to conquerors in the public games, who were not only conducted with great pomp into the city to which they belonged, but had a white stone given to them, with their name inscribed on it. which badge entitled them, during their whole life, to be maintained at the public expense."

Do you feel like you are tumbling down life's path way being moved by the storms of life? You are wondering whither the beating you are taking will be worth it? Do you feel like giving up and quitting? Well, just keep on keeping on and you will receive a reward. A white stone with your name on it telling you that you are free from condemnation and that will give you rights to the city of God.

Well, let me go wash my white rock...