Monday, January 1, 2001

God Never Changes

It wasn't long ago that people were worried about Y2K. We have made it through and it's the year 2001.

We have seen lots of things happen. If nothing else, we all learned to count! I mean, the news kept wanting more counting in Florida of the chads and dimples. It reminded me of a child learning how to count. 1... 2... 3... 5... 6... 9... No, you must start again because you missed it. What a year!

I have been reading a book about my home town. It has lots of history with pictures I recognize from my childhood.

During our trip to Louisiana at Thanksgiving, I saw quite a few places that remembered as a child. We drove by a place where a house once stood that we lived in and we played with a red wagon there. But now it is an empty lot.

I saw buildings that at one time were a hardware store and a drug store. Now they are something else.

I saw the old depot where I caught a train that took me into adulthood when I boarded it to go off to Bible school. The depot is now a place where people sell their crafts and art works. It also has an eating place in it.

Interstate 55 now goes right through my old playground... trees and swamp.

The old train track that people called a dummy line, (a train track that wound only into the swamp and back to the mill) is long gone.

I couldn't help but notice the tall cypress trees that were very stately when I was a child, are now nothing but very tall walking sticks sticking up in the swamp.

All of these things gave me a feeling of sadness when I thought about how things change. Then I thought about how old I am, and that about 45 or 50 years have gone by and things do change, as I have.

But as I was riding along, the thought came to me, "God never changes."

Hebrews 13:8. "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever."

He loved us yesterday!

He loves us today!

He will love us tomorrow!

Praise God!!!